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Wire processing

Is professional engaged in various phone line, and TV child online, across-Zaventem online, high pressure online, headphones line, the kind of row online of crop, and ex skin, and dip Tin, and links results device team collection and the Assembly, undertake electronic products processing and the the kind of online material processing., and electronic electrical distribution line, and computer network around with line of processing, products was widely for telephone, and household appliances, and computer and around, equipment.

Factory has better wire processing equipment, able to cope with future development, actively adapt to the requirements of customers, continuous improvement, development, production skills, to continue to provide our customers with high quality products and services.

Uphold the "unity, cooperation, quality and efficient service" production management concept, adhere to the "excellence, quality-oriented" approach to quality, firmly implement the customer "zero-complaint rate, zero rate of return" quality objectives, and operate strictly according to ISO9000 quality management system and 6S. To provide you with a better product, fast delivery, perfect service, all along, has received numerous customer's approval.

Wire processing equipment

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Injection Molding is a process that creates plastic objects by injecting molten plastic into a metal cavity.

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