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    sheet metal processing productsAdvanced equipment and technology will make our products qualified and improve the capacity. No matter simple or complicated, we can deal with it easily.

    Sheet metal from$200
Facility shell
Small parts
Common metal
Simple or comples structures
Tight Tolerances

Precision CNC sheet metal processing

As the automotive, communications, IT and the daily development of hardware manufacturing, sheet metal processing is becoming more and more popular, knowledge in sheet metal processing becomes more necessary. What is a sheet metal processing? for sheet metal processing by means of manual or mechanical methods, profiles and tubes made from metal sheets, have a certain shape, dimension, and precision parts operation known as sheet metal processing.

Sheet metal processing industry: the main raw materials for non-ferrous alloy plate and thin steel, non-ferrous metals and steel industry accounted for about 40% of the industry's total costs.

We Sheet metal Department use the original German made laser cutting machine, CNC, and other hi-tech equipment. And all our engineers are the experienced people, who can rapidly finish the production with good quality.

Quality is life; time is money.
We will ensure life security with the most mature way, and make your time worthy with postive way.

Advanced equipment, experienced technical staff, clean environment, strict quality control processes, product to us you can rest assured.

Sheet metal equipment

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Injection Molding is a process that creates plastic objects by injecting molten plastic into a metal cavity.

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